Counter corporate espionage   


Ethical Corporate Intelligence (CI) can be obtained legitimately and can provide your company with a competitive edge, by allowing your organisation to perform strategic planning based on knowledge of your competitors positions.  Information about their KPI's, pricing structure and strategy, recruitment processes, marketing plans and internal processes is unquestionably useful intelligence

There have been many notable and high profile cases of illegal and unethical corporate intelligence (espionage) in recent years, which demonstrates how a desperate or ruthless competitor can potentially cause great harm to an organisation, and its potential for longevity or profitability.

In order to counter-espionage, one must first understand the sophisticated techniques used, and the vulnerabilities of an organisation be they human, electronic, or in physical security.

Data and intellectual property


A corporate spy will often utilise any effective method to obtain information about a competitor organisation for their client, irrespective of the legalities involved.  These methods can include electronic eavesdropping, both in the office and in the home, social engineering, pretexts, and even by planting employees (or moles/sleepers) within an organisation.

Our Corporate Investigators can provide you with the tools and skill-sets to detect and counter the threat of corporate espionage in your organisation, whether you manage an SME or a Multi-National company.

We can provide comprehensive training programmes and internal/external security audits to allow your organisation to grow with greater peace of mind. Corporate Security isn't just another overhead, it is the keystone to long term survival and success.

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